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Solar energy to power 335,000 mobile base stations

With mobile networks expanding into sunnier emerging markets, solar power looks set to play an important role in mobile service provision and ABI research is projecting that 335,000 mobile base stations will include solar power by 2013.

The shift towards reducing base station power consumption along with improvements in PV cells means solar energy is now a viable solution for powering many cellular base stations.

Stuart Carlaw, ABI Research vice president, said:

“Solar power will first be used in conjunction with other primary energy sources such as diesel or grid-based electricity, but will increasingly be seen as a primary source for autonomous cell sites. The market for autonomous solar powered cell sites looks set to grow from extremely modest levels today to over 40,000 renewable energy sites by the end of 2013. A further 295,000 base stations are expected to supplement on-grid power usage with solar.”

The report said solar power is at the leading edge of renewable energy’s drive into the mobile network domain, with wind power having potential in areas that receive less solar energy, although it is less predictable.

You can find out more about ABI’s report here.

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  • Stephanie
    Posted October 27, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    This makes a lot of sense – and it doesn’t even have to be super sunny for the solar panels to work. Of course, they are most efficient on clear summer days, but they also work on overcast and even rainy days.

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