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Sun shines on solar for mobiles

Speak of the devil and he shall appear, so the wisdom goes. Although it’s more like speak of Motorola’s trial of wave and solar powered base stations and then something else happens with it. Although Greenbang is the first to admit it’s not the pithiest axiom you could think of.

The trial of the green base stations – which Hello Moto did with operator MTC Namibia – is now apparently over and was a good old success, according to all involved.

“The … trial project produced highly encouraging results. To move forward with our growth strategy, MTC Namibia needed an efficient and reliable alternative to mains grid electricity solution. Based on the success of this trial, we are now in a position to place remote base stations, fuelled by renewable energy sources, where we need them,” said Albertus Aochamub, general manager, corporate affairs, MTC Namibia.

Get yourself a cup of tea, sit down and learn all about it here.

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