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Stockholm is EU’s first ‘Green Capital’

stockholmStockholm has been named as the EU’s first-ever “European Green Capital,” a title it will officially hold in 2010.

The Swedish city earned the distinction thanks to its “extensive programme for improving quality of life through water purification, noise reduction, an integrated waste system, a congestion charging system and more recreational areas, such as bathing beaches.”

Next to earn the “Green Capital” award will be Hamburg, which will sport that designation in 2011. The Germany city earned the title based on its efforts to save energy in public buildings.

The EU created the award to recognise European cities that best promote environmentally friendly urban living and work to solve environmental problems.

Budapest also won recognition from the EU in the form of the European mobility week award. The title went to the Hungarian city for its efforts to promote sustainable urban transport through a variety of programmes, including a “clever commuting race” in which local VIPs demonstrated the efficiency of public transport.

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