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S&SE double teams with Gothia Vind, Logan Energy union

turbine21.jpgWhat does Scottish and Southern Energy (that’s S&SE to you) look for in a company it fancies getting involved with? Aside from a reliable return and boon to its bottom line and all that good stuff, but Greenbang is wondering if there’s something in the name.

Take Gothia Vind for example. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but the if you’re going to open a joint venture with someone, why not make it with a company that sounds like a superhero with a fondness for Depeche Mode?

S&SE’s renewable arm, Airtricity, has announced the partnership with Swedish wind energy developer Gothia Vind to open a 50:50 joint venture. It will develop around 200MW of wind farm capacity in western Sweden, with the first farm up and running in 2011. Both companies will invest around 30 million euros.

Aside from Gothia Vind, S&SE is also investing in Logan Energy – another outfit with a fine moniker. What better title than one shared with an Irish Eurovision superstar and a tasty berry as well?

S&SE will be taking a 21 percent stake in fuel cell installation company Logan Energy, according to reports, for £375,000.

Logan has 100 fuel cell power plants with over 9MW capacity at over 75 locations and lists the Department of Defense among its customers.

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