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Spanish cap on solar subsidies scrapped

solar-panel3.jpgThere’s nothing better than sitting back and enjoying the sun. There’s so much more that can be done and enjoyed. Frisbee, football and barbeques all come out and the days are just perfect. And both Spain and India agree.

Spanish government has just announced it will be withdrawing the draft for a cap on subsidies, a move eagerly welcomed by the Spanish solar power sector association (ASIF). A new framework, scheduled for Autumn is now being drafted.

Speaking to Forbes, an ASIF spokesman has said, “The new regulatory framework will bring a very significant cut in tariffs and also boost volumes.”

Meanwhile, in India, the Hindu Business Line has reported that the firm Moser Baer believes it can cut the price per unit of solar power by two thirds within the next three to five years.  This takes the cost to produce solar electricity from 12-14 rupees to 4-6 and not far off the 3 rupees that it costs to produce one unit in a coal fired station.

Moser Baer has cited an anticipated increase in available silicon, advances in thin-film photovoltaic technology and higher cell efficiency for the reduction in price.

Spanish cap on solar subsidies scrapped – The Global View

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