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Sony Ericsson gets Greenpeace nod on eco-gadgets

binary.jpgThe consumer electronics industry must have a callous on its wrist from being slapped so much by the green lobby. And that callous is going to get even more calloused with the latest verdict from Greenpeace on consumer electronics’ performance: in short, a bit cobblers really.

As if you expected anything different.

Greenpeace took 37 products and analysed them against criteria including the substitution of hazardous chemical substances, energy efficiency and ‘recyclability and found that even the best products were still get half marks on the green scale.

If you were wondering what came out top on greenness, then wonder no more: it was the Sony Vaio TZ11 notebook, the Sony Ericsson T650i mobile phone and the Sony Ericsson P1i PDA. So know you know.

There was still a glory kick coming from Greenpeace amidst all the eco back-slapping. And here it is, reprinted for your reading pleasure:

“Since undertaking the survey we have already witnessed the arrival of greener products in the market, such as the Apple’s new laptop, the MacBook Air, and Nokia’s new phone, the Evolve,” said Yannick Vicaire Greenpeace International Toxics Campaigner. “Manufacturers still have a long way to go, but more and more are now taking the environmental impacts of their products seriously.

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