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Sony cracks solar with silicon-free cell

silicon.jpgImagine if you could make caviar without actually needing any fish eggs – how good with that be? Or diamonds without needing carbon squished by the earth over millions of years? Or hamburgers without needing any eyelids or scrotums?

Well, Sony may well have come up with an invention of similar majesty, according to reports.

Trading Markets says the Japanese tech supremo has come up with a new type of solar cell that doesn’t need silicon, known as dye sensitised.

Such cells are still in their infancy at the moment, but everyone’s rather hoping they mature quickly, due to their relative cheapness to manufacture. For that matter, there’s also been a bit of a silicon shortage in recent years, so dye sensitized cells would also be handy there too by passing the need for it altogether.

Back to Sony: Trading Markets, quoting Japanese paper Nikkei, notes that the cell has been “achieving an energy conversion efficiency of 10 percent, the minimum level seen as necessary for commercial use”.

Apparently, it also uses a gel electrolyte rather than a liquid one, making the whole shebang more stable. The Nikkei reports Sony is now mulling over whether to make an entrance into the solar market.

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  • Ananda How
    Posted November 29, 2008 at 3:59 am

    We have 900 acres of industrial park for manufacturing solar cells, modules and batteries in Malaysia. We wish to offer the site to Sony. Can you forward this to your top management. The site is equipped with 200 MW of electricity,1.2 millons gallons of water per day and it is 1.5 km from a liquid waste treatment centre. It is 60 km from Kuala Lumpur, 30 km from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, 90 km from POrt Kelang throughtwhich exports of goods are being carried out.

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