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SolFocus unveils new concentrator PV technology

sun2.jpgSolFocus Inc. plans to showcase its new concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) technology at the CPV Summit 2009, which runs today and tomorrow in Toledo, Spain. It’s the first time the SF-1100S is being shown in Europe.

SolFocus plants to begin installing the SF-1100S technology in Greece this summer as part of a 10-megawatt project it’s undertaking with Samaras Group. The firm also expects to install the system in other European countries, including Italy and Portugal, before the end of the year.

“Of particular importance with new technology is consistency,” said Roberto de Diego, president of SolFocus Europe. “Our systems have performed at or above rated levels consistently over the nine months since installation.”

Founded in late 2006, SolFocus says its mission is to “enable solar energy generation at a levelised cost of energy competitive with traditional fossil fuel sources.” Based in California, its European operations are headquartered in Madrid.

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