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Solar Red hints at solar system install revolution

What exactly California-based Solar Red does is still a bit of a mystery, but tech-watchers are whispering the company could revolutionize the residential solar energy market by making installation far cheaper and easier.

In an interview this week with Triple Pundit, Solar Red CEO Joe Augenbraun said his company is essentially reinventing the solar-panel installation process, something that hasn’t changed much since the early days of solar in the ’70s.

Where putting up solar panels today requires days of effort by experienced workers who know how to bolt on racks and install complicated wiring, Solar Red aims to make the process more of a “plug-and-play” effort. The idea is to simplify and streamline installation so any old roofer can put up a housetop solar array, and any old homeowner can tackle basic repairs and panel replacements.

How exactly is still somewhat hush-hush, but Solar Red says its solution can cut installation costs in half (after factoring in state and federal energy incentives), making solar power significantly more affordable for the average guy or gal.

While Solar Red has yet to go all-out with its business, its model has already earned it a Green Building runner-up award in last year’s California Clean Tech Open. The company is now working to raise about $5 million in first-round funding to take its model from lab to real life.

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