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Snapshot – state of the market?

Greenbang is always suspicious of surveys that say – “ooh the UK is going green”, or some such nonsense. It usually means the companies behind them have nothing better to say.

But this one could be a reflection of product demand, and it is therefore a bit interesting.

Hyder Consulting  says the following percentages of people are doing the following things:

Started recycling domestic waste   81%
Fitted energy saving light bulbs        77%
Fitted double-glazed windows    66%
Started home composting 36%
Fitted high-grade roof insulation       31%
Installed water butts   27%
Installed an energy efficient central heating system    27%
Developed wildlife friendly garden planting schemes     22%
Built a pond in your garden     14%
Switched energy suppliers to use ‘green’ tariffs        10%
Installed a waste water recycling system        3%
Fitted solar panels to your home        1%

You’ve got to wonder about demographics a bit though. How many people can compost in London?

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