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Smart meters and wallet dodgers


Sometimes little things make all the difference – ask Willy Wonka about the Oompa Loompas. Another little change recommended by the Green Alliance: whack a ‘smart meter’ in people’s electricity supply. Consumers know how much they’re using, and they cut back.

From Uncle Bulgaria’s favourite paper, The Times: “[smart meters] use data gathered by sensors in the home, along with a profile of its inhabitants, to make the most efficient use of energy to fulfil the household’s needs. If the introduction of smart electricity meters proved successful, smart gas and smart water meters would follow. Intelligent controls for heating, lighting and blinds would then be integrated, keeping the home at the optimum temperature while using the smallest amount of energy possible. The connection of home appliances via a wireless network would then be the next step for adventurous households.”

As is often the way, apparently the public attitude to such devices is unbridled enthusiasm – until they have to get their wallets out. Nearly half of those surveyed by the Green Alliance said they’d be up for a smart meter in their homes – but only a quarter of those folk would be willing to find their way to a cheque book to pay for installation.

Bah Humbug, indeed.

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