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Small town’s big carbon reduction journey

signGreenbang just stumbled across an inspiring story about a little town in England, Ashton Hayes, which has made some huge strides towards its ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.

 In England’s Ashton Hayes, a not-so-sleepy town of about a thousand people, one man convinced his town to go carbon neutral and save the planet for their grandkids. How’d he do it? On a cold night, he promised them sparkling wine and warm apple pie, and about 75 percent of the town showed up to his presentation.

We always knew bribery worked, but the results sound great: locals switched light bulbs, recycled more, put in solar panels–and even the local pub cut down on night-time refrigeration. Net result? Emissions down by 20% in year one. What an effort. Read a bunch more stories on the town’s site here.


  • Ciaran
    Posted October 18, 2007 at 9:33 am

    Sorry David, I think there is a story here. Hugely influential and well-watched company says one thing, and then does something entirely different – to my mind that is news.

    And how many of the iPhones are going to be sold / manufactured by ‘2008 year end’? Given the effort Apple put into a product launch, I’m guessing quite a few. So, I’m afraid 2008 year end simply isn’t soon enough.

    I’m glad Apple is removing the offending components in the end, but don’t they value their reputation as a market leader, innovator etc? Shouldn’t they be the first to be doing this stuff?

    And I think due credit should be paid to Greenpeace for sustaining it’s campaign – this isn’t all that opportunistic, as they’ve been campaigning to ‘Green Apple’ for a while now. Subversive marketing at its best – much better than a head-to-head ding dong.

  • David
    Posted October 17, 2007 at 2:00 pm

    Funny thing is, Apple have already said they will be removing the rest of the materials by 2008 year end, there really isn’t much of a story apart from Green Peace wanting to ride on the iphone publicity 🙂

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Small town’s big carbon reduction journey – The Global View

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