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Silent wind turbines to sneak onto horizon?

mail.jpgAhaha – this is such a great industry to cover at the moment. There’s a ton of innovation, a load of start ups and people pumping out new angles each day. Venture capitalists must not know where to turn.

Today Greenbang’s looking at  Stormblade Turbine Ltd – a London  start up company that claims to have designed an ultra-efficient wind turbine that works by accelerating the wind on to the blades. This apparently causes more efficiency at low and high wind speeds.

Bird and bat friendly, the design does not have the mechanical noise often associated with commercial wind turbines and, as a result, is very quiet in operation. It has fewer parts and higher generating capacity than other models and can theoretically, operate at any wind speed. The maximum wind speed will only be restricted by the materials used in construction.

Stormblade Turbine can convert up to 70% of wind power into electricity, double the current average. Operational wind speed is expected to be 7mph to120mph, double the current average range and the design is less noisy and wildlife friendly.

The propeller blades and all the moving parts are housed within the nacelle and therefore pose no danger to migrating birds or bats. Stormblade is also unique in that it produces less drag, operates at extreme wind speeds, has more power per rotation, requires less maintenance and is a third of the size of comparable industrial wind turbines.

The initial design and virtual testing of the prototype is complete and the company has benefited from the help of the London Manufacturing Advisory Service (London MAS). The London MAS team has provided support in analysing the overall project, advising on company structure and grants available and are currently identifying potential partners to bring the design into production.

Initial market research has identified at least 14 companies and support groups who have expressed an interest in Stormblade’s technology and would like to further explore collaboration opportunities.

London MAS has also helped the company via its extensive database and previous experience on Renewable Projects.

Viktor Jovanovic, Director of Stormblade says:

“London MAS support has been valuable and important. They have made a major contribution to the investment readiness and continued development of our business. They have helped to develop our business plan with a focus on the current wind turbine technology market. I am very grateful to London MAS. We are currently pitching a venture proposal to potential investors.”

Lee Woodall, Lead Specialist at London MAS says:

“This is an exciting time for an innovative product design. London MAS has many partners and is well placed to help this innovative start-up London business. The company required a detailed review of their market including information on a potential supply chain, a review of the technical project management and a business plan to secure future funding. Our initial support has enabled them to improve the understanding of their financing routes, supply chain and network. This has led to the development of a detailed business plan and we will be reviewing their progress in five months time.”

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