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Shell picks algae for biofuel


What do you do when you’ve run out of oil? Turn to algae of course, silly. Oil behemoth Shell is doing exactly that according to The Times.

The idea is, apparently, to turn the pond muck into biofuel.

Shell… said that algae was potentially a promising source of biofuel because it grows rapidly, is rich in vegetable oil and can be cultivated in ponds of seawater, minimising the use of fertile land and fresh water.
“Algae have great potential as a sustainable feedstock for production of diesel-type fuels with a very small CO2 footprint,” Graeme Sweeney, Shell’s executive vice-president, future fuels and CO2, said. “This demonstration will be an important test of the technology and, critically, of commercial viability.”

On the subject of soon to be extinct fuels, Greenbang wonders what badly behavedd children will be threatened with instead of coal in their Christmas stocking? “Timmy, if you don’t eat your greens, Santa will leave some clean-burning hydrogen fuel in your Christmas stocking…”

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