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Sheep’s wool insulution firm scoops £500k investment

Nice work ONIC…

Investment firm Low Carbon Accelerator Limited has pumped of £500,000 into the Ochre Natural Insulation Company (ONIC) for a 23 per cent share.

ONIC’s Sheep Wool Insulation exceeds the required Building Regulations standards and has a higher thermal performance than many synthetic products. It is also safe to handle, cut and work with, requiring no protective clothing to be worn.

Mark Shorrock, CEO of Low Carbon Investors, LCA’s investment manager, said:

“Sustainable building materials are one of LCA’s target investment areas. Effective insulation is a quick, efficient way of reducing emissions from the building sector. Sheep’s wool has the advantage of not only reducing emissions from buildings, but has far lower emissions in production than its synthetic competitors.

The value of the UK market for thermal insulation is growing rapidly and we see great potential for ONIC to take advantage of this.”

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