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Sharp to boost solar investment

logo_new.gifRight now the solar market really seems to be…heating up. Hah!

This from Gizmodo:

Official reports from Sharp indicate the company is set to invest heavily in thin film silicon solar cells in the coming year. The production shall take place at Sharp’s Nara Prefecture plant in Japan. Sharp currently stands as the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer, but is not meeting the growing demand.

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  • zupakomputer
    Posted November 9, 2007 at 7:43 pm

    Probably the fact that it vastly increases the amount of radioactive free-radicals in the area it’d be situated in, and produces waste that will stay hazardous for many thousands of years after it is spent, as well as being a non-renewable energy (uranium mines will deplete just the same as any fossil fuel), all contribute to the overall conclusion that – no there’s no way that nuclear power could be considered to be green. What are they on now? And why haven’t they legalised it for the rest of us.

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