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Seventh community wind company comes to Minnesota

wind-turbines-in-a-fieldNational Wind announced today that it’s launched its seventh Minnesota-based and community-owned wind energy company: Little Rock Wind.

Formed in partnership with community members of Big Stone County, the new company aims to develop up to 150 megawatts of wind energy in the area over the next five to seven years.

“Little Rock Wind, as a locally owned wind energy company, is the sort of project that has landowners’ and farmers’ best interests at heart,” said Brent Olson, one of the founders and an advisory board member of Little Rock Wind.

The company’s first mission will be to secure the land needed for the planned wind developments.

“National Wind’s community wind projects such as Little Rock are unique in the industry — we are developing utility-scale projects using a true community wind model,” said Bill Smeaton, senior wind developer for National Wind. “We offer competitive land use payments, but our model also provides opportunities for local landowners to share in any revenues from a successful project. In addition, our local advisory board structure adds the ‘voice of the community’ to the development process.”

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