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Six green facts from IBM

ibm-logo.gifGreenbang went to visit IBM yesterday for a chat and a cup of tea.

This is what the big computer company said:

  1. The total cost of operating IT equipment is roughly 50 per cent of the capital procurement budget. That means over the life of the product, a company spends more on the electricity running it.
  2. Forty per cent of the energy used in a company goes towards IT today. The rest goes on heating and lighting etc.
  3. PCs are used between five and ten per cent of their capacity. When you think about that they all have their own internal storage and disk space. The other one to look out for is UNIX systems. They typically run between ten and 20 per cent. Mainframes is between 85 and 90 per cent. [Greenbang asks – what does IBM sell!]
  4. Once data is backed up to tape there is no carbon footprint.
  5. IBM is not just on the green bandwagon. We want to leverage [that means use in normal speak] our experience in the technology sector.
  6. IBM has been dealing with that since 1990. We have reduced our carbon footprint by the equivalent of 40 per cent since those levels. We have always been environmentally focussed. We have always been driving that forward. By doing that we have saved $15m a year. For renewable energy we pay than for normal.

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