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Scots must lay pipe for green energy transport


So you’ve got your wind and your wave generators. You’ve got all this energy knocking about in remote bits of Scotland and where are you going to put it? And transport it around? Hmm? Thought about that? No? Tut. Now go and tidy your room.

Luckily the Scots have done it for you. Not the room tidying, the other thing. it involves a great big cable and £1.7 billion.

The Scotman, like Jonny Ball, explains all:

There had been fears it would be too expensive to transmit the green electricity from northern Scotland to large population centres further south, but research commissioned by the Crown Estate found a sub-sea cable down the east coast of the UK was economically viable.

A draft report, to be published today, says a basic connection linking the Northern Isles, Aberdeenshire and Norfolk, and then overland to London, would cost up to £1.7 billion.

A more comprehensive network, with links to the Western Isles, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands, would cost about £4.8 billion by 2020 and could be connected to the proposed European Supergrid.

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