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Scotland studies marine energy’s impact on biodiversity

386363_ocean_waveNew research is set to get under way this year aimed at keeping Scotland on track to meet its ambitious renewables targets without damaging its unique marine environment.

Marine Scotland plans three projects that look at the potential impact of marine renewables on Scotland’s biodiversity:

  • A review of the potential impacts of renewable energy on Scotland’s marine environment;
  • Estimates of collision risk of harbour porpoises and marine renewable devices at sites of high tidal stream energy; and
  • The use of acoustic devices to warn marine mammals of tidal-stream energy renewable devices.

“Scotland has a fantastic opportunity to lead the way in the development of marine renewable energy technologies,” said Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead. “As a nation we are home to some of the best wave and tidal resources in the world, which could harness over a gigawatt of electricity generating capacity.”

He added the new marine projects would “help support the Scottish Government progress and deliver on its commitment of generating 50 per cent of our electricity from renewables by 2020 as well as boosting economic growth.”

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