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Scotland: All public-sector cars low-carbon by 2020

electric-car-charging-stationThe Scottish Government has published a new consultation on the use of low-carbon vehicles that calls for a widened use of electric vehicles.

The consultation proposes twin targets:

  • 100 per cent use of low-carbon vehicles by public sector vehicles by 2020;
  • 95 per cent of all new vehicles to be low-carbon in 2020.

It also seeks to encourage widespread adoption of low-carbon vehicles across Scotland.

“Government must back up its world-leading climate change targets with action and this consultation does just that,” said Climate Change Minister Stewart Stevenson. “Emissions from transport have been increasing in recent years and a major uptake of low-carbon vehicle technologies is required to reverse this trend.”

He added, “We all have a role to play in tackling climate change but the public sector must be seen to set the standard. This 2020 target will not only ensure that the public sector is stepping up to the plate on its transport emissions but also help create a market that can drive further development of low-carbon technology.

“Scottish companies are already leading the way in the development of low-carbon vehicles,” Stevenson continued. “In these challenging economic times we need to play to our strengths and take advantage of the opportunities in developing the sustainable low-carbon economy of the future.”

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