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Sainsbury’s attempts green packaging…

tetra_recart_0001.jpgTetra Recart is a new form of food packaging, vying to replace the environmentally unfriendly tin can.

Weighing in at just 18g as opposed to the standard sized can, which is in a totally different weight division at 50g; Sainsbury’s will use the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved carton – for it’s own chopped tomatoes.

“The Tetra Recart carton reassures Sainsbury’s customers that the paperboard used comes from well-managed forests and controlled sources. The package’s rectangular shape also reduces carbon footprint, as it is highly efficient during transportation, storage and in distribution, using 33% less space than a can.”

“The carton is recyclable and can be recycled with over 70% of the UK’s councils. Sainsbury’s ready meals will also soon be moving to all-natural packaging that breaks down in garden compost heaps.”

Stuart Lendrum, Packaging Manager of Sainsbury’s says:

“We know from a recent LGA (Local Government Association) report that we’ve already made a lot of progress with our packaging, including a high proportion that can be recycled, but this now helps us to further reduce the weight of packaging. This will make it more efficient for us to transport to our stores, and much easier for our customers to carry home.”

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