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Rubbish power cleans streets of London

London’s first biogas fuelling station has been installed at Camden council’s York Way Depot.

As part of a commercial trial between Gasrec, Veolia Environmental Services and Iveco, a CBM (compressed biomethane) powered street cleansing vehicle will now roam the streets of Camden.

The fuelling station will be able to provide the trial vehicle with fuel for its 60 mile a day route for the next six months.

The trial will help evaluate the suitability of CBM and its scope will also be widened to allow the council to fuel vehicles in its fleet from the depot.

Richard Lilleystone, CEO of Gasrec, said:

“This step makes concrete the infrastructure for our trial and also lays the foundations for possible further collaboration with Camden Council. In doing so, it helps underscore the potential for further commercial fleets, both within additional London Boroughs and other key UK locations, to follow in Veolia and Camden’s footsteps conveniently and above all economically.”

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  • Mark
    Posted October 22, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    The Team at MoreEco think that this a great idea and we hope that more councils take not of this action by Camden Council. Lets hope that people are taking note of this.

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