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Royal Family takes delivery of UK’s biggest wind turbine

turbine.jpgGreenbang bets you that she can make your eyes roll back and tut with three small words. Ready? The. Royal. Family. See! You did. Even Greenbang did and she knew what was coming.

Yes, the hilarious exploits of our beloved Royal Family has been keeping the Great British public entertained for many years now. Whether it’s borrowing an RAF helicopter to show off to your girlfriend, shooting assorted wildlife for fun or turning up to a party dressed as a Nazi, you can be pretty sure that our Royal Family’s finger is as detached from the nation’s pulse as ever.

But then, they go and do something useful, aside from adorning the worst kind of tourist tat souvenir mugs: the Crown Estate has announced that it is to purchase a massive 7.5 MW wind turbine, aka the Britannia project – a fourth generation prototype from Brit turbine builders Clipper Windpower.

The Crown Estate owns nearly all of the the UK territorial seabed out to 12 nautical miles, and 55 percent of the UK’s coastal foreshore.

The Britannia’s deployment to an unnamed location will help the manufacturers and landowners conduct the tests needed to perfect the technology and build the future generation of windfarms that will help Britain meet its capacity target of 33GW by 2020.

Greenbang’s not calling off the revolution yet, but is pleased that at least something from the Royal Family is being put to good use. Next step: Greenbang does a Captain Blood and gets herself some new bling.

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