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Rockport closes $450 million clean tech fund

954862_money.jpgGreenbang would like to congratulate VCs Rockport Capital on closing their latest fund, focused on clean tech, for $450 million. That’s enough to buy 56 of the world’s most expensive diamonds, 9,825 Porsche Boxsters, 2,812 bottles of Chateau Lafitte 1787 or 900 million Crunchies. Greenbang knows what she’d pick. She’s pretty sure she wouldn’t get bored of Crunchies, even after the first 700 million.

Rockport obviously has less frivolous plans for its $450 million. It’s spending it to “invest in the development of technology and products in emerging clean tech companies”.

With this latest fund, its third, Rockport now has $850 million under management.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Rockport has already invested in 40 clean tech companies to date, including Evergreen Solar.