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Richardson could green Obama’s energy policy

This just arrived from our partners at the Matter Network. U.S. elections are so much more interesting than British ones…

Governor Bill Richardson — a former Secretary of Energy under Bill Clinton — today endorsed Barack Obama.
It has been rumored that Richardson — who has long supported renewable energy — is on the short list of vice presidential candidates for Obama. Should Richardson get the VP nod and the ticket to win in November, it would greatly enhance the likelihood that their administration would have a strong renewable energy policy.

Many people in the clean energy industry — those involved in solar and wind — are biding their time until the election and hopeful that the next president works with congress to extend the investment and production tax credits for several years.

For clean energy and renewable fuels to become a meaningful part of our energy mix, Congress and the executive branch need to work in concert, and Richardson’s leadership in the arena would be extremely beneficial in passing legislation.

Senators McCain and Clinton have also supported clean tech, but it is unlikely that they would bring someone of Richardson’s experience and enthusiasm for clean energy into their inner circle.

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