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Ribena bottles, now 100% recycled

ribenaBrightly coloured drinks maker Ribena, which sells a not insignificant 60 million of its drinks every year, will now use 100% recycled plastics in its bottles. The neat chart on the left, if you had supersonic eyes to see the text that small, explains the lifecycle of one of their bottles.

As they told us:

At present the majority of Ribena bottles are made with Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) – a material that can be fully recycled for future use – with 40 per cent recycled content (rPET). From October 2007, Ribena ready-to-drink bottles will be made from plastic that has already been recycled at least once and can be recycled again after use.  The bottle cap and sleeve will not be made from recycled materials but are fully compatible with bottle recycling.

Nice work chaps.

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