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Rhode Island puts the mockers on turbines for one year

turbine2.jpgToday Greenbang will be your guide to the New England state of Rhode Island. As a result of extensive research (read: browsing Wikipedia), she can tell you that the state consumes a lot of coffee per capita, that it isn’t in fact an island, but no part of it is more than 30 minutes from a body of water and is home to hotdog restaurant Wein-O-Rama, which makes it almost worth a visit alone.

But that’s not all. The state is looking to put a moratorium on the development of wind farms and wave power stations. Although presumably not weiner restaurants or coffee shops.

The reason for this moratorim, according to Business Week, is that the state’s Coastal Resources Management Council wants to draw up a zoning plan where turbines can be put up, in order to minimise public objection to future developments.

Needless to say, wind fans are not best pleased – presumably especially the governor of Rhode Island, who’s keen to get 100 turbines off outside the coast.

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