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Report: UK car industry needs low-carbon focus

electric-car-charging-stationA report published today sets out an integrated and strategic vision for the future development of the auto industry in the UK.

Published by the New Automotive Innovation and Growth Team (NAIGT), the report emphasises the need to embrace the challenge of climate change and to invest in innovative technologies that can lead to safe, low-carbon vehicles that customers want to buy

The NAIGT also expresses the importance of  a move toward electric vehicles and development of a recharging infrastructure with adequate capacity and density, along with the development of second-generation biofuel powertrain technologies that can reduce fossil fuel dependence.

Dave Shemmans, CEO of transportation consulting firm Ricardo Company, welcomed today’s report.

“We believe that increasing vehicle electrification, hybridisation, second-generation biofuels and high efficiency IC engine technologies all have their roles to play, alongside the policy innovations that will help create the infrastructure and prototype markets for future low-carbon products,” Shemmans said. “As such we find ourselves in strong agreement with the NAIGT report and share the project team’s very positive vision of the future of the automotive industry in the UK.”

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