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Renewables investment hits record $100bn, says UN

985075_world_wide_feat__africa_1.jpgWe’ve seen all manner of figures for investment totals in clean tech.

This one comes from the “Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment”  report from the UN.

“Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment includes data showing that investments in renewable energy and energy effi ciency industries set a new record of more than $100 billion worth of transactions in 2006. In 2007, the upward trend
continues, with capital investments occurring in sectors and regions previously considered too risky and too illiquid to merit the attention of the institutional investment community.

The OECD still dominates, but there is now rapidly emerging activity from companies in China, India and
Brazil. Indeed, Chinese companies were the second largest recipient of venture capital in 2006 after the
United States. In the same year, India was the largest net buyer of companies abroad, mostly in the more established European markets.”

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