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Renewables group prepares for ‘decade of delivery’

solar-panels-in-fieldThe board of the Renewable Energy Association (REA) has launched a search for a successor to its director general Philip Wolfe, who plans to stand down next month.

Wolfe was appointed to the post in 2003.

“Philip’s departure will mark not just a change of leadership, but an exciting new phase for the industry and the REA,” said Mark Candlish, REA chair. “During his tenure, the REA has succeeded in securing the comprehensive policy framework that renewables need, and we must now pursue the delivery phase to meet the EU 2020 renewables targets. Indeed, we now face what must be the decade of delivery. We are very grateful to Philip Wolfe for delivering the industry such a strong legacy.”

According to the REA, over the coming decade, the UK renewables sector must gear up for delivery so that:

  • Renewables attract the necessary public and private sector investment needed to meet 2020 targets;
  • The detail of the policy framework for heat, gas and local power is effective;
  • Strategic redevelopment of networks takes place to support renewables at all scales;
  • Obstacles to delivery in areas such as planning and outdated legislation are addressed;
  • Finance is available at all scales from householders to large power projects;
  • Training and education are available to rapidly grow the skill base;
  • Trading standards are maintained to protect consumer confidence; and
  • Appropriate mechanisms are in place to support the development and commercialisation of the next generation of technologies.

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