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Renewable energy running out?


It appears you can have too much of a thing, as Greenbang can all too willingly attest. But we’re not talking chip butties here, it’s all about carbon: apparently, offsetting-hungry companies have eaten up all of the UK’s supplies.

The Observer tells it like this:

Britain is running out of renewable energy as a surge in demand from businesses has outstripped electricity by wind farms, hydropower and waste gas burning.

Interest in cutting carbon has far exceeded new supplies of zero-carbon power – creating a potential headache for companies which have pledged to become ‘carbon neutral’.

The issue has been seized on as evidence of the serious problem of new renewable energy schemes being held up by planners, even though the government is this week expected to announce measures aimed at delivering a huge expansion of offshore wind power, which is less constrained by planning problems.

Greenbang hopes this will spur more companies into making some real environmental headway instead of looking for easy, PR friendly wins. Pass the solar panels, someone?

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