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Renewable electronics – this time it’s bamboo

HDDYou have to love bamboo.  It’s life’s little miracle material.  Its strength is only matched by its pliability, which makes it a great substance for buildings in earthquake zones.  It grows quickly enough to feed the panda.  It even looks pretty in the garden.  What more could you want?

And now bamboo has one more use – green marketing for disk drives.

Fabrik’s just released a hard disk drive which, it claims, is the “world’s most eco-friendly external hard disk.”

The company is citing performance at low power, which is great, but it is also using renewable materials to make the device’s casing; bamboo and aluminium.

According to its makers the storage device, called SimpleTech, will be available with 500GB of storage and a retail price of US$159.99 (£80).

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