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Recycling: how much longer will newspapers be pulped?

papertree1.jpgGreenbang went to the marvellous Innocent Village Fete this weekend.

As well as blagging a VIP ticket, he decided to ride the helter skelter for the first time in years and also managed to scoff a good number of the free scones on offer.

The fete was fabulous – great English Morris dancing, bat-the-rat, sack races – and all the things you used to have at your school summer event.

But something stuck out – there seems to be a trend at festivals to promote a degree of good ethical business. At the Latitude Festival earlier this year, there were a number of green sponsors, such as Ecover, and the same was true at the fete.

Newspaper company the Guardian  even had a stand of paper trees made out of old editions to promote awareness of recycling (pictured). (Greenbang thought it looked bloody ugly and was a bit stupid, but he can be a tad grumpy.)

But it  promoted a few questions as well, such as how many newspapers are pulped every day from a failure to sell them?

With new waste laws coming into play and big advertising push onto the web, this seems like a model that won’t last long. Perhaps it’s another reason to get online now 😉