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Queensland takes 68,000 cars off the road. Sort of.


Die, cars, die! Actually, Greenbang feels kind of bad for saying that. Like being disloyal to the Transformers. Or sticking two fingers up at Herbie. Perhaps Greenbang needs a lie down.

In the meantime, it’s worth considering news out of Queensland, Australia. There the local government has got the green bit between its teeth and taking 68,000 vehicles off the road. (Greenbang hopes none of them is Optimus Prime.)

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said: “We are overhauling our government car fleet, improving energy efficiency in government buildings and providing carbon offsets for our airline travel,” – reducing total carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 314,000 tonnes a year by 2017 or the equivalent of 68,000 cars taken off the road.

So not actually taking the cars off the road then. Optimus Prime can sleep soundly. Phew.

A bonus Greenbang fact: the building initiative will cost $150 million over eight years and make $18m in savings. In order to save energy the government will look at mandatory set points for air conditioning levels in government owned office buildings, mandatory switching off of non-essential computers and other equipment outside of normal office hours and minimum energy rating standards for government owned office buildings. So there.

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