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Putting the ‘public’ in public service

willGreenbang thinks this chap over here is up to some good. Not just because he’s jogging, but because he seems to be acting the way we’d like a lot more people in government to act: by walking the walk (sorry, rubbish pun).

In a recent interview, Will Wynn, the current mayor of Austin, a city in Texas, notes that he publishes his electricity bill to show how far a little energy management can go. Apparently it’s often less than $50 a month. Now, I don’t know what the rates are like in the US, but this Greenbanger’s little flat costs more than £25 a month to power–and I don’t even own a telly.

Overall, though, he seems to really get it. Politicians in the UK would do well to look him up, we think. More from earth2tech:

Q. There are a lot of debates about what clean energy options are viable. What are you excited about?

A. Well Texas blew past California in terms of wind. I’m also really interested in material sciences, smart appliances, computer chips. The tech sector will also play a huge role in this. There are fortunes to be made here. If we are smart, we are going to be right in the middle of the economic opportunity that combating global warming will offer. This will make a lot of people a lot of money.

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