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Putting IT’s energy consumption on display

displayOne of the challenges with energy management is just getting a sense of how much energy things actually consume. How much does your TV cost you, for example?

The same principle affects IT bosses, when they try to remind workers to power down their PCs at nights and so on.

But now a handy tool has been released that might just help the cause, by giving a visual display of energy consumption, CO2 savings and so on (as pictured here). Several firms – Logicalis, VSR2 and Verdiem – collaborated to bring the software to market, which is available now (although we’re not sure of the price). See the full details of their press release here.

“Many organisations are actively taking steps to become more efficient, and thereby reduce their energy bill and carbon footprint, but few are able to provide demonstrable evidence of the impact these policies have,” says Chris Gabriel, head of solutions for Logicalis. “A visual aid helps to convey the results of these policies, and enable companies to visibly communicate and support cultural change within the workplace.”

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