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Puppies watch out there’s a new toilet mascot in town

Growing up with hippie parents, Greenbang suffered the childhood humiliation of recycled toilet paper. I would watch ads where cute puppies chased rolls of pillowy tissue, falling asleep in the earth polluting, yet luxuriously soft, paper while I had to make do with the rough, unbleached two-ply in our bathroom.

Elephant loo rolls (that’s just the brand name, they’re not actually loo rolls for elephants – ’cause they’d be, like, huge) claim to be “probably the most actively ethical product of its kind”. For every roll of Elephant toilet tissue bought, the program donates 2.5p to Pump Aid’s sanitation programme in Africa, which is used to install Elephant toilets (again, these aren’t toilets for elephants – ok, you get the drift by now).

Each one costs £20 to build and serves up to 20 people for up to 40 years.

While the paper is not recycled it is Forest Stewardship Certified, which means that forests are managed to ensure long term timber supplies while protecting the environment and the people dependent on the forest.

An Elephant spokesperson said: “I’m sure you’ll agree while people want to support the environment they don’t always enjoy the thin, scratchy feel of recycled toilet paper!”

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