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Punters pick on poor eco-creds to cut better deals

This is another naff survey.

It’s quiet, it’s Christmas…

More than one in three (44%)(1) of UK adults say they would use poor environmental ratings in Home Information Packs (HIPs) to try and negotiate a discount on the asking price of a property.

In addition, 14% said a poor HIPs energy report would make them think again about buying a house and a further one-in-four (25%) said they’d use the energy efficiency information as a guide for improvement works post purchase.

The findings, from the Hyder Consulting Environment and Home Survey, suggests that house buyers are increasingly using HIPs reports on energy efficiency when buying a home, and planning improvement works post purchase, something that looks set to continue now HIPs have been introduced for all property sales.

Just 9% of those polled said they’d take very little notice of the HIPs report energy efficiency ratings.

Punters pick on poor eco-creds to cut better deals – The Global View

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