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Pubs go carbon neutral


Word reaches Greenbang of new methods pubs are using to making drinking guilt-free. And no, it’s not by banning you from texting your ex after you’ve had a skinful – the latest trend in pub is deguilting is going carbon neutral.

One such establishment, the Agincourt Hotel in Sydney, has relieved the environmental burden on its patrons by promising to offset the carbon impact of their drinking.

From the pub’s website


The Agincourt Hotel is Australia’s first carbon neutral Pub. We have certified our hotel “NoCO2” with the Carbon Reduction Institute – so when you have a drink at the Agincourt, you are also helping the environment. At the Agincourt, we are tackling global warming – 1 drink at a time!

Greenbang would like to know if you’ve come across a similarly green beer outlet closer to home? If so, share the good news by posting a comment below.

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