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Cooking oil biodiesel firm wins innovation gong

A company which uses refined cooking oil to produce high quality biodiesel was named the most innovative small technology business O2’s X Awards this year.

Proper Oils, founded in April 2007, is the only collector working with local authorities to facilitate free collections of used cooking oil from over 800 caterers within west London.

The refined bio diesel is then sold to local organisations with a proportion of the profits being returned to support local environmental initiatives.

Proper Oils was also named in Greenbang’s recent Clean-Tech Start-Up Index here.

Stephen Hurton Proper Oils managing director and founder said:

“Through hard work and dedication we have used technology to develop a successful and social responsible company and it’s great that our achievements have been recognised in this way.”

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  • Maria
    Posted October 26, 2009 at 1:00 am

    can some one tell me what can Used Solid Cooking oil be used for as I currently run a small business well social enterprise to be exact Untapped Resource CIC Ltd and we have an established round in Nottinghamshire collecting Used Liquid cooking oil. Most fish and chip shops used solid and we are missing a lot of oil just by not knowing what to do with this solid based stuff and who to sell it on too? Cna any one help me?

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