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Prince Charles calls for halt to destruction

1925309938_080226112659_lrg.jpgPrince Charles has made an impassioned plea for an end to deforestation as the most effective means of halting climate change.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning, the Prince said it was crazy that the rainforests should be worth more dead than alive. He said he understood that may poor countries derived an income from logging and timber products, and more recently in the production of bio-fuels. But he said the developed world need to stump up the money to compensate those countries for their loss of income.

This could amount to some $30 billion a year, he said, which still makes it one of the cheapest and immediate ways of cutting down CO2 production, and preserving weather patterns. He said it was the equivalent of just 1 percent of all the insurance premiums paid around the world, which made it a very good  bargain for ensuring the weather patterns stay stable.

“When you think they [rainforests] release 20 billion tonnes of water vapour into the air every day, and also absorb carbon on a gigantic scale, they are incredibly valuable, and they provide the rainfall we all depend on,” he said.

The Prince said that in his recent meetings with world leaders, he had used the opportunity to raise the issue and had met with a favourable reaction.  He said a “huge effort” would be needed.

To listen to the interview, get the podcast from Auntie Beeb:

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  • Victor Emmanuel II
    Posted May 16, 2008 at 12:40 am

    I was listening to the today programme and the world service as they gave massive air time to Prince Charles.

    I was puzzled; does the BBC or the Royal Family think Brazilians will care about this spoilt rich kid’s opinion?

    Then it occurred to me, if Brazil chops down the Amazon forests Prince Charles won’t be able to heat his dozen or so palaces, and other residences, run and maintain his hundreds of cars, etc live the luxurious lifestyle he is accustomed to and still stay carbon neutral (lol) with cheap carbon offsets.

    Prince Charles has apparently offered Lula da Silva a job as cleaner to his personal footman, after he steps down in 2010.

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