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Power-saving device kills appliance ‘vampyres’

on-off-switchA team of researchers at the Technical University of Catalonia have developed a new energy-saving device that disconnects electrical appliances that are in standby mode to bring their power consumption to zero.

The device, 100% Off, is compatible with all appliances and could reduce household energy consumption by 12 percent a year, according to the research team.

Appliances in standby currently consume vast amounts of energy. According to a 2005 European Commission study, household appliances in standby use 50 terawatt-hours of electricity each year in the EU. That’s as much power as is consumed annually by Greece or Portugal.

Eliminating such wasted energy could save €7 billion in energy costs each year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 million tonnes.

The 100% Off system, which its developers say can also extend the useful life of appliances, is being marketed by the Madrid-based company Good For You, Good for the Planet.

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