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Post 2.0 launching soon

viapostGreenbang had thought (and hoped) that email would kill off the need to use up so much paper and letter-miles to deliver post around the country every week.

But in fact, mail has effectively just become the delivery arm of the web (think Amazon, etc).

But now, a new, greener way to post letters is launching soon, called ViaPost. It claims to chop carbon emissions from postal deliveries by 20-25%. The system is simple: you type up your letter, click print and choose ‘ViaPost’–this then shoots off to the ViaPost office nearest to your destination address, where an eager team of letter folders then print it off, stuff it in an envelope and hand it over to the local postie for delivery.

Due to ViaPost’s extensive network of printers throughout the UK mail no longer has to travel hundreds of miles before it reaches its’ destination, this means a greener and more secure postal service. Working with and supporting Royal Mail is a key priority for ViaPost as every piece of mail will be delivered by local posties.

All good stuff. But for anyone writing to Greenbang, please just send us an email…

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  • MalcolmV
    Posted June 21, 2009 at 11:09 am

    I’d like to see a list of the print sites in ViaPost’s “extensive network of printers in the UK”, to help validate their claims. Not having one seems a little shady…

    An Aussie company called L-Mail who have been doing this sort of thing internationally since 2005 have been able to show, on a map, their Global network of print sites! Which is cool, useful & transparent. Even showing the capabilities of each site.

    Shouldn’t be hard to do this for a UK only network. So pull your finger out!
    (We should be able to match the Aussies on this one)


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