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Poo, booze and roadkill to power Swedish vehicles

boozeThose crafty Swedes have come up with alternative sources for generating biofuels, which now includes the nearly 200,000 gallons of illegal booze they confiscate every year. The stuff — along with “animal remains and human waste” — is all poured into a big machine that magically turns it into biogas, which in turn powers public buses.

National Geographic has all the dirt:

It used to be standard procedure for customs officials to pour the stuff down the drain.

Now the beer, wine, and spirits are instead converted into biofuel—which helps power thousands of cars, buses, taxis, garbage trucks, and even a train.

“This alcohol, which used to go to waste, is now turned into something that’s positive for the environment,” said Ingrid Jarlebrink of Tullverket, the Swedish Customs agency based in Malmö, Sweden.

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