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Police use electric cars

meter“It’s very Brighton,” people apparently cooed at the newest addition to the Sussex Police.  The southern England police force is trialling an electric car for its patrols.

I’m not that sure about this move. I love electric vehicles. If they’re powered from renewable sources then there is a great potential to minimise a footprint but this particular vehicle is not necessarily the best one to showcase the technology.

The £12,500 buggy is capable of 28mph and has a range of 50 miles.  Consequently, it will not be used for any police chases; even a mobilty scooter gave the vehicle, from GEM, a run for its money, the Guardian sarcastically reported.

And herein lies the problem.  Bicycles are faster around towns than cars. They cost less and work well in cities such as London and Bristol.  They also command respect.

I want this technology to be received well.  It has to be if it is to be adopted but, this means it must be seen as cool and glamourous.  There are also several better, more green uses for the money, a top of the range mountain bike, for example.  An electric bike would also match the speeds suggested by the organisers.

Sussex Police will be trialling the technology throughout the town’s week-long Gay Pride parade, which ends on Sunday.

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  • mbc
    Posted August 26, 2008 at 11:15 am

    They’ll never catch on … at least not until BMW and Mercedes start doing top-of-the-range electric cars… could drag the traffic cops out of their executive saloons 😉

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