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Point Carbon expands reach with Perspectives buy

smokeOslo-based Point Carbon, a carbon-focused analyst firm, announced today that it’s acquired Perspectives GmbH, a European carbon offset market specialist.

Point Carbon made the acquisition to strengthen its ability to offer its customers advisory and subscription services “along the whole offset project value chain.”

Perspectives is among a handful of service providers that manages greenhouse gas reduction projects without being a proprietary buyer. Its projects range from energy efficiency and renewable energy to forestry and agricultural activities. Now that it’s been purchased by Point Carbon, however, it will no longer source and broker clean development mechanism projects so it can ensure advisory service independence.

“This acquisition enables Point Carbon to deliver advisory services covering all elements of the offset project development value chain, and will particularly improve our due diligence and transaction support services as well as those subscription products which focus on the offsets markets,” said Per-Otto Wold, CEO of Point Carbon. “We will also greatly improve our outreach to German- and French-speaking clients.”

Perspectives currently has offices in Zurich and Hamburg.

“Point Carbon and Perspectives together have direct experience of developing or assessing hundreds of offset projects of almost all types, including agriculture, demand and supply side energy efficiency improvement, forestry, fuel switching, landfill gas collection, nitrous oxide abatement, renewable energy, transport and waste water treatment,” said Matthias Krey, Perspectives’ managing director.

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  • CDM Consultant
    Posted March 18, 2009 at 9:26 am

    Nice article. Clean development mechanism projects help to environment clean.Its very necessary to take step like this to use renewable energy.Reduce green house effect, emission reduction cover up due to reforestation.

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Point Carbon expands reach with Perspectives buy – The Global View

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