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Plug-in Prius hybrid hits UK roads

Toyota and EDF Energy have launched the first ever UK trials of a plug-in hybrid vehicle by a car manufacturer. EDF will use the plug-in Prius’ as part of its company fleet, with employees getting to test out the new car for the next year.

EDF has helped to install 40 charging posts in the UK, with the charging and payment incorporated into the new Prius. More charging posts are planned over the coming months.

Toyota says early test results show fuel efficiency to be “significantly higher” than the current Prius hybrid car – consuming 60 per cent less fuel on short trips up to 25km.

The trial will also research consumer acceptance of the new plug-in hybrid vehicle technology “as a preparation to broader commercialisation in the future”.

Koei Saga, managing Officer in charge of hybrid system development at Toyota says:

“Today’s announcement represents a step change towards acceptance of electricity in combination with hybrid technology as a viable and sustainable transport solution.”

Vincent de Rivaz, EDF Energy CEO added:

“We passionately believe in rising to the challenge of climate change by helping our customers reduce the carbon emissions from their energy use. Incorporating this vehicle into our fleet complements our work in developing electric charging posts for vehicles in the UK and in France. It supports Our climate commitments, in which we have committed to cutting our CO2 emissions from our transport by 20 per cent by 2012.”

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  • Vince
    Posted October 30, 2008 at 11:02 am

    Toyoya is rather late. There are already retrofit plug-in priuses on the market with better specs! See foor example

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