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Plug-in baby: Fuel prices turning petrol heads green?

One of the summer silly season surveys that caught our eye today shows that almost three quarters (71 per cent) of British motorists would consider driving an electric car.

Not surprisingly, it’s the younger generation (81 per cent of them) and not the Jeremy Clarkson-loving middle-aged petrol heads who are most predisposed to ditching petrol and going electric.

Far from being a sudden outbreak of environmental awareness, the biggest reason people are looking at more fuel-efficient cars is the credit crunch and spiralling prices at the pump – although some drivers did indicate a general empathy towards green issues.

The survey of just over 1,000 motorists was commissioned by online insurance company esure. Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting at esure car insurance, said in the press release:

“With the growing cost of motoring and the pressure of having a greener lifestyle, many motorists are considering alternatives and the electric car is an attractive option. It is very cheap to run and you’ll never be stung at the petrol pump again.”

But in the middle of the usual survey puff Pickard actually highlights a very serious point about the wider changes needed for electric cars to really break into the mainstream.

“Although there is clearly a demand for them, the only way for electric cars to become a viable option is to have a sufficient infrastructure in place, such as sufficient plug in points across the country, and a greater choice of make and models to suit all types of motorists and family sizes.”

Interesting but useless fact the survey picked up? Motorists in Scotland were least likely to switch to an electric car, while motorists in the North West were most likely.


  • aaron picken
    Posted August 26, 2008 at 12:26 am

    petrol heads will never turn green why because we love our engines its a way of life for us and to be honest none of us believe in this global warming rubbish anyway but one thing i will say is leave the cars and the bikes as they are stick with the engines as we know and love them but change the fuel run them on ethanol or somat i dont know remember petrol heads is just a term we would live any fuel that powers an internal combustion engine but your all to busy hugging trees and calling us rotten to realise this anyway

  • citizensmith
    Posted August 5, 2008 at 5:28 pm

    The theory ignored.

    Firstly the actual production cost in quantities of CO2?

    Even when you are not charging the vehicle the power station is still producing emissions, unlike a Internal Combustion Engine?

    The mileage range is actually half the statement as you have to drive and return so if it states 100 miles, 50 outward journey and 50 return to charge….?

    The real killer ask how many Electric car owners go out at night, usually it on charge and they get a taxi somewhere or they stay in.
    So either way you loose the emission saving if any, or it costs you more in £’s and you have no life……

    Thats not on the advert for the G-Whizz?

  • tom c gray
    Posted August 4, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    People are in havor of electric cars until they have to own one, and pay the exorbitant battery costs, which make gasoline look cheap.

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