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Plans for hydrogen power plant

Underground chimneyPlans afoot, they say, for the first ever hydrogen power plant. It will be built in the United Arab Emirates if BP and Rio Tinto‘s joint venture goes without a hitch.

The carbon dioxide, which is emitted after burning the hydrogen, will be swept under the carpet.. I mean pumped underground. Plans really are afoot.

I’ll let the Independent have its say now 😉

The $2bn (£1bn) project, which is being studied by the BP–Rio venture and Abu Dhabi Future Energy, the Government-owned alternative energy company, is seen as a possible answer to the emirate’s rapidly rising energy needs. Demand for oil and gas in the Middle East has skyrocketed in recent years as massive profits derived from rising oil prices – Brent crude closed yesterday at $88.72 per barrel – has fuelled a construction boom.

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